how much is grass feed beef

Buying Grass Fed Beef 2024

Exploring Quarter, Half, and Whole Cows for Health and Flavor:

Hey there, savvy consumers! If you’re on the lookout for a more mindful meat experience, diving into the world of grass fed beef might just be the adventure you’re seeking. In this laid-back guide, we’re going to break down the ins and outs of snagging a quarter, half, or a whole cow, chatting about pricing, butcher fees, some top-notch cuts, and why grass-fed beef is the talk of the town.

Understanding Grass Fed Beef Pricing:

Let’s talk dollars and sense – or rather, pounds. When it comes to a whole cow, you’re looking at a range of $5.65 to $11.79 per pound, averaging around $8.31 per pound. Half cows fall between $5.90 and $12.29 per pound (avg. $8.67), and quarters are in the ballpark of $8.25 to $11.99 per pound (avg. $9.75). It’s not just a financial commitment; it’s a nod to supporting sustainable farming practices that make the taste even better.

Who Pays Butcher Fees:

Now, about those butcher fees – at ManMade Cattle, the cool cats buying the beef are the ones footing the bill for the butcher. It’s like a VIP pass to customization, and yes, it’s worth it. A transparent exchange between you and your beef guru ensures you’re in the loop about the whole process.

Different Types of Beef Cuts:

Alright, let’s talk steak talk. From the top-notch Ribeye, Boneless, Whole, hanging out in the $33.01 to $45.98 per pound VIP section, to the flavorful Chuck Roll, doing its thing between $12.42 and $21.99 per pound, the cuts are as diverse as your taste buds. Here’s a quick hit-list for your carnivorous curiosity:

  1. Rib Primal:
    • Ribeye, Boneless, Whole: $33.01 – $45.98 per pound
  2. Chuck Primal:
    • Chuck Roll: $12.42 – $21.99 per pound
  3. Round Primal:
    • Knuckle, Peeled, Whole: $10.40 – $14.99 per pound
  4. Loin Primal:
    • Tenderloin, Whole: $28.50 – $65.46 per pound
  5. Flank, Brisket, and Plate Primal:
    • Flank Steak: $14.00 – $29.00 per pound
  6. Ground or Trim Product:
    • 90% Bulk: $9.49 – $14.90 per pound
    • 90% Patties: $13.99 – $15.95 per pound

The Value of Grass Fed Beef for Health:

Now, let’s chat about why this grass-fed beef is stealing the spotlight. It’s not just about the flavor; it’s about those extra health perks:

  1. Nutrient Powerhouse: Packed with essential vitamins and minerals like omega-3s, antioxidants, and CLA.
  2. Lean Machine: Lower in overall fat, especially the saturated kind – heart-healthy, you know?
  3. Omega-3 Goodness: A solid source of omega-3 fatty acids, great for the ticker, the brain, and keeping inflammation in check.
  4. No Funky Stuff: Raised without antibiotics or hormones – a clean and green choice.
  5. CLA Boost: Higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) for potential anti-cancer vibes.

The final say on Grass Fed Beef:

So, there you have it – a relaxed stroll through the world of grass-fed beef. Buying a quarter, half, or a whole cow isn’t just about the cuts and the flavor explosion; it’s a nod to sustainable living and a healthier, tastier lifestyle. At ManMade Cattle, you’re not just buying beef; you’re investing in a culinary experience that goes beyond the plate. Cheers to tasty, mindful meat adventures! Grass Fed Beef report