Quarter Black Angus Beef

Original price was: $945.00.Current price is: $800.00.

Place a deposit on Grass fed Angus beef quarters. Pricing is $945 deposit per quarter, $1890 half and $3780 whole beef.


Black Angus Beef
Beef is sold on hanging weight, the weight after butchering, but before cutting into into individual pieces. Depending on your instructions to the butcher you’ll take home 55% – 70% of the hanging weight.

The cost of Angus (grain finished) beef per pound is $4.80, plus approximately $.60 per pound for processing.

An average beef is around 700 lbs.

A whole beef (including processing) will cost in the neighborhood of $3780, a half $1890, a quarter around $945.

Following is a list of possible cuts from a whole 700 lb. beeve. Following each cut is the number of packages and their approximate size. You will work with the butcher to customize your cutting order.

Round steaks 16 (1.5-2 lb)
Sirloin Steaks 10 (1-1.5 lb)
Rib eye steak 12 (2/pkg 1 inch)
Rolled Rump Roast 4 (3-4 lb)
Sirloin Tip Roast 6 (3-4 lb)
Chuck Roast 8 (3-4 lb)
Arm Roast 8 (3-4 lb)
Short Ribs 8 (3-4 lb)
Stew Meat 20 (1 lb)
Ground Beef 175 (1 lb
Filet Mignon 4 (2/pkg 1 ½ inch)
NY Strip 11 (2/pkg 1 inch)
Soup Bone 12 (1 lb)
Hanger Steak 1
Flank Steak 2
Skirt Steak 4
Oxtail 1
Liver 12 (1 lb)
Marrow Bones 2 (1 lb)
Knuckle bone 10 (2 lb)
Heart 1
Tongue 1


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